Inpho Interactive is a leading business-to-business technology provider for mobile applications, IVR, web and email.


We strive to equip our clients with an intuitive service that fits their business. We have worked with a wide array of clients including promotional agencies, commercial brands, government departments and information provider services.

Established by Consolidated Press Holdings in 1988, Inpho Interactive became one of Australia's first providers of Premium Call information services. After a management buyout in 1997 the business was revamped and began to make serious inroads into the corporate and government markets.

Inpho Interactive has a history of innovation, from Australia's first fully integrated IVR/WEB application to InphoBridge, which allowed clients to run promotional campaigns across IVR, SMS, email and the web for the first time.

Our allegiance to our clients is reinforced by our dedication to innovation, quality, and fully tailored solutions that are backed by dedicated resources. We are successful because of our ability to meet the needs of multinational corporations while balancing the time and process requirements of our media partners. Our inclusive approach sets us apart.

We are widely recognised by our peers and Inpho Interactive has been involved at the committee level in various industry bodies. Inpho Interactive is also a member of ADMA (Australian Direct Marketing Association) and AIMIA (Australian Interactive Media Association).