Technology and Infrastructure


InPho InterActive’s technology and infrastructure encompass IVR and mobile platforms providing convergent technology API’s for a range of client needs.  We have developed tools that take proven global technology from the generic to the specific for our clients. Services have evolved to provide clients with access to convergent platform architecture for IVR, SMS, PSMS, WAP, Web and Email application and delivery.

Our gateways connect directly into all Australian carriers to provide the security and delivery standards our clients expect. These relationships and our high traffic volumes enable InPho InterActive to provide industry best practice and outcomes that rank us in the top industry quartile.

Clients ability to tap into our customised services is enhanced by the element of proprietary ownership we have within the InPho InterActive system and architecture. This also ensures 3rd party content providers have the ability to deploy their content with full confidence in the robust InPho InterActive systems.

Stability and reliability are our cornerstones. Our redundant infrastructure and UPS backup ensure all contingencies have been taken into account.


Technology and People


We operate on the principal that technology is only as good as the people developing it and running it and to that extent InPho InterActive invests heavily to retain the best IT people. Specialists in IVR programming, Specialists in SMS coding, an IT management team that provides oversight for projects so clients can rest assured their requirements are being implemented efficiently and without delay.

Our requirement that developers understand the end to end process for the development, implementation and deployment of a clients service ensures service development processes are implemented efficiently.


Technology and Best Practice


Best practice requires that the quality of our service is crucial.

Systematic testing is part of a our standard implantation criteria. Applications are assessed at three distinct points in the process from conception to completion:

  1. Systems Testing - this happens once the application has been programmed.
  2. Client Services Testing - our Client Services team tests all aspects of the application once it is released from our systems including voice and message quality and all technical requirements.
  3. Client Testing- we allow you the time to thoroughly test the product before it is released.